Mixed Firewood – Fully Seasoned/Low-carbon Kiln Dried [OUT OF STOCK]

Mixed Firewood – Fully Seasoned/Low-carbon Kiln Dried [OUT OF STOCK]

£110.00£250.00 (inc VAT)

Quality, sustainably-sourced mixture of softwood and hardwood Firewood sold loose or netted.

Fully seasoned, and where necessary, kiln dried on site by our biomass-powered kiln, down to a moisture content below 20%.

Approved by Woodsure’s ready to burn scheme. Certificate no. WS854/00002

Stackable blocks approx 200mm long (and plenty of kindling!).

Although we may currently be out of stock of this option, you can find our supply of Premium Hardwood Firewood, HERE.

Free delivery within the M60 Ring Road. More details below.


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  • Locally sourced and processed
  • Fully seasoned
  • Quality
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Low carbon

**NOTE: This product is not always available and there may be a waiting list. If we have it in stock, there may be a delay of a couple of week or so due to kilning. If you place your order we’ll be in touch to let you know.**


Our sourcing policy really sets us apart, as our aim is to make beneficial use of arisings that would otherwise likely not be used in an environmentally efficient manner. We want each piece of timber to be used to its best potential, and we do it!

This firewood is fully seasoned, and where necessary, kiln dried on-site in our biomass-powered kiln, down to a moisture content below 20%. It is mainly high quality softwood, but can also contain some non-premium hardwoods like willow and poplar. A meter cube of this firewood includes stackable logs approx 200mm in length as well some smaller pieces, making separate purchase of kindling unnecessary.

This product will give less heat per meter cubed than our premium hardwood firewood, but it is a good value alternative and extra ‘eco’ as it is making use of arisings from routine tree work.

Nets: approx. 30 bags per meter cube.

Delivery information

We can tip from our van onto your driveway, provided it is ~8ft wide and can be reversed into. We can also drop your firewood elsewhere (e.g. outside pavement or road), as long as you can move it and store it as soon as possible to avoid disruption. Nets are also left on your drive for you to store away.

Delivery is free within the M60 ring road. An additional charge based on distance applies beyond the M60 – please see the details of delivery prices and arrangements.

(If you require Firewood for Resale please call our office on 0161 231 3333 to discuss)


Additional information

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1m3 Loose, 1m3 Netted, 2m3 Loose, 2m3 Netted


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